Charthouse Lawyers Offers Business, Estates, and Real Estate Law on the Sunshine Coast

Charthouse Lawyers is the Coast’s team of allied professionals offering you peace-of-mind and confidence through our legal services. We’re your neighbours on the Coast, and experts in helping you manage and grow your life’s work.

Charthouse Lawyers, formerly known as the Lois Potter Law Office and Jones & Whitely, is passionate about helping our clients build and protect their businesses and assets. No stuffy lawyers here; we want to talk about your goals candidly and openly, while building a genuine relationship.

What We Do

Business Law

If you manage a small business, invest in businesses, or are an incorporated professional, we can advise you on the best ways to manage, grow and protect your wealth. We have over 300 business clients, from doctors to developers, arborists to accountants, cannabis investors to children’s book distributors.

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Real Estate

Residential and commercial property owners, buyers, lenders, landlords and investors need to protect their lives’ biggest investments. Whether you use a real estate agent or us to negotiate your deal, we make sure the deal happens. We can prevent unintended tax consequences, sloppy contracts and confusion before problems occur.

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Estate Planning

We offer sympathetic and informed advice to those tasked with trustee roles for a deceased loved one or those who need to do their own estate planning, including putting together a legal will. We aim to comfortably guide you through your issues with our experience and unique insight from helping hundreds of Sunshine Coast families make end-of-life decisions.

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Meet the Team

Spencer Keys

I’m driven by giving people legal footing that allows them to confidently live their life. I focus on addressing business challenges, estate planning, and end-of-life decisions. I can help cut through the jargon and set up plans and agreements that set you up for success.

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Charthouse Law Corporation is the successor firm of the Lois Potter Law Office, and operates under the name Charthouse Lawyers