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Downtown Business Service

And yes, we also mean Downtown Vancouver. Whether you’re in Vancouver, Madeira Park, Sechelt, Gibsons or anywhere on the Sunshine Coast, Charthouse Lawyers helps owners and investors manage, grow and protect their small to large businesses so you can be free to focus on what you want to do – sell your products, services and talents to the community.

35 Years of Experience

For nearly 35 years, Charthouse has been dedicated to serving Sechelt, Gibsons and the Sunshine Coast by knowing our clients and community better than anyone. Our position on the Sunshine Coast gives us unique market insights and relationships that can help you smoothly do business in our community.

We have over 300 business clients.

Our clients include doctors to developers, arborists to accountants, cannabis investors to children’s book distributors. We know the struggles of small business and the struggles of their owners. Our ideal business clients are people who are not looking for someone to fill out forms; they want a trusted partner and advisor to help them succeed.

We securely handle millions of dollars every year.

Whether you’re buying a business, selling a business, or getting financing for your business, we ensure money is safely transferred from A to B. That may sound simple but can be enormously complicated. Charthouse regularly handles large amounts without complaint or concern and safely handled over $150 million in 2018 alone.

Services include:

  • Creating your business or non-profit society and conducting the annual corporate maintenance required by law
  • Sales and purchases of businesses, or parts of businesses
  • Agreements to allow businesses to run smoothly, including corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships
  • Business contracts such as:
    • Employment and contractor agreements;
    • Contracts with customers, clients and patients;
    • Financing arrangements;
    • Joint venture agreements;
    • Construction contracts;
    • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements;
    • Software and technology licenses, and;
    • Management agreements.
  • Advising new businesses in new industries. We’ve advised potential cannabis investors on how standard business arrangements are not so standard under the Cannabis Act.

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Charthouse Law Corporation is the successor firm of the Lois Potter Law Office, and operates under the name Charthouse Lawyers

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